GitHub with MakeCode for Minecraft

GitHub is a popular web site used by developers to host and work together on code. Using the GitHub integration in MakeCode, you can easily and freely host your programs or extensions and collaborate on them with friends.

Enable GitHub in MakeCode for Minecraft

Before you can develop and save projects or extensions on GitHub (within MakeCode for Minecraft), you must enable the GitHub feature. This is only available in the web browser version of MakeCode for Minecraft. In the address window of the browser, you need to append the github=1 parameter at the end of the web address URL for the editor.

This is the URL to use for the MakeCode for Minecraft editor with GitHub access enabled:

When GitHub is enabled, the GitHub button and project save window will appear at the bottom of the editor.

To use GitHub, you need an account and internet access. You don’t need to know anything special beyond what you’ve already learned in MakeCode.

Getting started

Classroom usage

GitHub can be used to create and collect assignments from students. Learn more…

Frequently Asked Questions

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