Help translate

Translations of text in the editor, in blocks, and documentation managed by Crowdin, a translation management platform. It is free to join and you can volunteer to translate parts of the web site. Translation into different languages is done by the work of people all over the world who volunteer to help MakeCode be accessible to as many people as possible.

Interested in how localization works in MakeCode? Watch this video for an overview of the process.

Localized MakeCode

Text, or strings, used in the editor and documentation pages are localized into the current language for the editor (you switch languages by choosing Language in the Settings menu). Text is continually being added or changed so translations are always at a different stage of completeness. MakeCode text content is stored in files on Crowdin in English. Translators choose their language in the MakeCode Crowdin project and work on the files for the editor they want to translate for.

Want to help?

Good! A description of the process and general guidance is found in the Microsoft MakeCode translation page to help you get started.

Crowdin files for Code Connection app

The MakeCode for Code Connection app editor uses some core translation files for it’s interface, basic blocks, and documents which are common to all of the editors (they are also described in the general translation page). There are many more string files and documents that are specific to the Code Connection app editor.

The following lists provide a guide to which translation files and folders relate to the MakeCode for Code Connection app editor. The links here are to the English source files just to show you the location of the files in the folder structure. Of course, you will translate in your selected language instead.


Files related to the editor:

This is an example of the editor with it’s interface elements localized:

Translated editor elements


Here are some translated blocks:

Translated block text

Document pages

  • docs - Documentation pages for projects, courses, lessons, and code block reference

Here’s an example of a translated document page for a course lesson:

Translated document page