Fast Forward


Nobody can stop the pace of time. In this tutorial, though, you will make time go faster than normal.

Fast forwarding!

Step 1

Change the gameplay settings to add 1000 ticks to the current time.

A Minecraft day lasts 24000 ticks for 20 minutes of play. Let’s speed it up by skipping 1000 ticks.


Step 2

Run the program to test the time warp.

Time isn’t changing? Make sure the “always day” option isn’t turned on.

Step 4

Use a for loop to that loops 12 times to repeat the increase of 1000 ticks.

By adding 12 times x 1000 ticks, we will advance time by 12000… which is half a day in Minecraft!

# @highlight
for i in range(12):

Step 5

Run the program again. Look, the Sun and the Moon are chasing each other.