Independent Project

For your independent project, create one or more commands that alter the landscape in some way. Here are some ideas:

  • In a set area, replace all blocks of a certain type with something new (for example, replace all grass with lava).
  • Create an “instant swimming pool” filled with water or… lava!
  • Create a way to instantly tunnel through a mountain or portions of the nether.
  • Create a way to literally “move mountains.”
  • Make a rainbow.
  • Improve the Minecraft Moving Company activity so that you can enter a height for the upper coordinate rather than having to actually stand there yourself.
  • Experiment with the Mask and Mode menus on the ||blocks:clone|| block.

Your project should do the following:

  • Use coordinates in some way
  • Alter the landscape by using code
  • Be creative and original


This project allows you to create a section of paved road with streetlights.


Duplicate this section numerous times to create a new street of any length.

Duplicated streetlights

Minecraft Diary

Compose a diary entry addressing the following:

  • How did you come up with this idea? What problem are you trying to solve and why?
  • What did you decide to alter in the landscape?
  • What does your program do?
  • Describe how your program alters the landscape.
  • Include at least one screenshot of the result of your program.

NOTE: If you decided to improve one of this lesson’s activities, please talk about the new code you wrote in addition to what was already provided in the lesson.


Competency scores: 4, 3, 2, 1


4 = Minecraft Diary addresses all prompts.
3 = Minecraft Diary entry is missing one of the required prompts.
2 = Minecraft Diary entry is missing two or three of the required prompts.
1 = Minecraft Diary entry is missing four or more of the required prompts.


Required Elements

  • Uses coordinates
  • Alters landscape
  • Creative/original

4 = Project alters the landscape in a creative and original way, efficiently and effectively using coordinates.
3 = Project lacks one out of the three required elements.
2 = Project lacks two out of the three required elements.
1 = Project lacks all three of the required elements.