Lesson 10: Final Project

In this, the final chapter of MakeCode for Minecraft, we ask students to create a final project that does two things:

  1. Show what you know, and
  2. Demonstrate something new

If you and your Agent were setting off on a Minecraft adventure, and you could only program four tools to go with you, what would you take? Students will create a Backpack of Tools for use by any Minecraft adventurer setting off on a great journey.

Lesson heading image

We’ll start the chapter by reviewing the concepts we covered in the previous weeks, and provide some ideas for an independent final project that students can focus on in the next several weeks. We will also provide a rubric for keeping students on task and tracking the learning that they are doing as they work on their projects.

player.onChat("coal", function(){
player.onChat("iron", function(){
player.onChat("house", function(){
player.onChat("escape", function(){
function findCoal(){}
function findIron(){}
function buildHouse(){}
function upRavine(){}

What tools will be in your backpack for your Minecraft Adventure?

Lesson structure

  • Overview: A look back at what we’ve learned
  • Guide: About the project for teachers
  • Final Project: Survival backpack
  • Assessment: Rubric
  • Standards: Listed

Lesson plan

  1. Review: Looking back
  2. Guide: About the project for teachers
  3. Final Project