Rainbow Beacon

Create colorful World markers! @showdialog

Beacons are useful markers in a Minecraft world to help you find your house or spawn point again. Let’s make a rainbow colored beacon with code!

Rainbow Beacon

Create an array of blocks

The first thing we’ll do is create an array of colored blocks. An array is a list of things.

Click on the Advanced section of the Toolbox to expand. From the ||arrays:Arrays|| category, drag a ||arrays:set list to array of (0) (1)|| block out to the workspace and drop into the ||loops:on start|| block.

let list = [0, 1]

Populate array

From the ||blocks:Blocks|| Toolbox drawer, drag out 2 of the ||blocks:grass block|| blocks and drop them into the ||arrays:set list to array of|| block replacing the 0 and 1.

Then click on the ||blocks:grass block|| drop-down menus to select different colored blocks (like red and orange concrete).


Add more blocks

In the ||arrays:set list to array of|| block, click on the plus (+) icon several times to expand the array to include more blocks. Select different colored blocks to make up a rainbow!

let list = [

Change On Chat Command

Change the ||player:on chat command|| block on the workspace from “run” to “beacon”.

player.onChat("beacon", function () {


Set location variable

Now let’s set a location to start building our beacon.

Open the ||variables:Variables|| Toolbox drawer, and click to Make a Variable. Name this variable “location”. Now from the ||variables:Variables|| category, drag a ||variables:set location to|| block out and drop into the ||player:on chat command|| block.

player.onChat("beacon", function () {
    location = 0
let location = 0

Set location in front of player

From the ||positions:Positions|| category, drag the ||positions:right(0) above(0) in front(0)|| block into the ||variables:set location|| block replacing the 0. Then type 1 in the ||positions:in front|| field replacing the 0.

player.onChat("beacon", function () {
    location = posCamera(0, 0, 1)
let location: Position = null