Fast Forward


Nobody can stop the pace of time. In this tutorial, though, you will make time go faster than normal.

Fast forwarding!

Step 1

Rename “run” to “ff” in the ||player:on chat command|| block.

player.onChat("ff", function () {


Place a ||gameplay:time add|| block with 1000 ticks in your chat command.

A Minecraft day lasts 24000 ticks for 20 minutes of play. Let’s speed it up by skipping 1000 ticks.

player.onChat("ff", function () {

Step 3

Go to Minecraft, press t to open the chat and enter ff.

Time not changing? Make sure the “always day” option isn’t turned on.

Step 4

Place a ||loops:repeat|| block around the ||gameplay:time add|| block to repeat 12 times adding 1000 ticks.

By adding 12 times x 1000 ticks, we will advance time by 12000… which is half a day in Minecraft!

player.onChat("ff", function () {
    for(let i = 0; i < 12;i++) {

Step 5

Go to Minecraft and enter ff. Look at the Sun and the Moon chasing each other.