Lava Tower


Hey, let’s try something dramatic! This tutorial makes a lava tower.

It slowly descends from the sky, and then our command waits for it to flow to the ground. You can then add some water to cool the lava. You’re going to use a pause to add some wait time and let the lava reach the ground before cooling it down.

The sky is falling

Lava from above

Add code to put a lava block in the sky 20 blocks above you., pos(5, 20, 0))

Just add water

Add another line to add some water to cool the flowing lava. Put it 135 blocks above.

We want to make sure the lava has time to flow all the way to the ground before the water reaches it, so make the water appear very high in the sky, 135 blocks above you., pos(5, 20, 0))
# @highlight, pos(5, 135, 0))

Stop the water

Ok, get rid of the water. Next, pause for 1000 milliseconds and add code to place in air to dry the water., pos(5, 20, 0)), pos(5, 135, 0))
# @highlight
# @highlight, pos(5, 135, 0))

Try it out!

Run the program and see the lava start to flow down. It will take some time for the lava to cool and for the water to dry. Be careful, lava can be destructive!